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Exclusively for speakers looking to take their presence,
impact, and income to an epic level.

“Walter & Antoinette facilitate the entire ‘upleveling’ process as a speaker. I’d been speaking for years… but I’d hit a ceiling. I am so grateful for iSpeak and all that it’s made possible for me. 2019 will be my highest-earning year yet – not complaining one bit!”

Erica S. | Change Management Coach

Move your audience into “raving fan” status.

Join the Exclusive iSpeak Coaching Program in a number of ways that will rocket your events to the next level:
  • Weekly Group Strategy Sessions
  • Private Online Training Portal
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Customized Coaching for your exact needs
  • You are an entrepreneur.
  • You want motivation on a consistent basis.
  • You want to be challenged.
  • You like accountability at an affordable price, yet want to make a big impact in your business.
  • You have limited time to commit to coaching.

“Two newly-booked events at my new price point within the first few months and a process I can follow repeatedly. I love iSpeak!”

Lacey J. | Women’s Equity Consultant


iSpeak Coaching has 2x, 3x – and even 6x’d – income for speakers around the world.

Over three one-on-one sessions, you’ll work directly with Walter and Antoinette to learn practical, yet powerful ways to connect with your audience and to share your story in a way that will inspire radical change in those who are listening. Whether you suffer from serious stage fright or just want to brush up on your public speaking skills, these personalized sessions will help you control the stage and deliver a message with a powerful punch. 


Right now, you can access this exclusive speaker coaching at half off our regular rate.*

Apply and be accepted into the exclusive iSpeak Coaching program for 50% OFF now through *December 31, 2019* and receive 24/7 access to the iSpeak Power Portal that contains interactive teaching modules, weekly session recordings and three (3) one-on-one coaching sessions with Walter or Antoinette.

We lead from the front.

If you’re going to be coached, why not be coached by the dynamic duo that has changed lives, filled auditoriums, and motivated millions to reach the next level?

This in-depth training program breaks down public speaking to the basics, focusing first on confidence and clarity, and working up towards a powerful delivery and stage presence.

Your story will impact people in way you can’t even imagine; it needs to be told!

Learn how to share your story in a way that will motivate others towards success!

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