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Fear of the Future

Fear of the Future

People that love to visit haunted houses this time of year are always fascinating to me. The dichotomy of being drawn to something they know they’ll be scared of, but they do it anyway is something even the most experienced psychologists could analyze for eternity....

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Don’t Forget Your Past

Everyone’s got a past. Everyone’s got a past. It’s dotted with bad decisions and tough choices and one or two memories you wish you could erase forever. But successful people understand that while their past shapes them, it does not define them. You went through what...

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I’m Afraid To Fail

99% of the time when I ask people why they aren’t taking steps to follow their dreams, they say they are afraid to fail. Wait. If you just said, “that’s not me, though” I’m going to kindly reel you back in. FEAR AFFECTS EVERY SINGLE PERSON... ALL OF US. Fear of...

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Self-Improvement Is Not Selfish

A little louder for the people in the back…. Self-improvement is not selfish. “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” - Albert Einstein September Self Improvement Series: Self-improvement is not selfish. Out of all of the lies I wish people would stop...

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More of what you do is more of what you become.

I was flipping through an old notebook of mine yesterday and saw a note scribbled in one of the margins. It's my handwriting, and my notebook, so I know I wrote it, but I don't remember where I heard it. The note said: Success is a habit.  More of what you do is more...

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Self Improvement Starts With Teamwork. Wait, What?

One of the biggest hurdles that so many business owners face is creating a comprehensive and dynamic work culture within their business. They struggle with bringing together multiple personalities and experiences and perspectives to achieve a common goal. Throughout...

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While too many business leaders spend their time obsessing about facts, figures, and the bottom line, it is more important for them to learn to manage relationships.

Once attention shifts to relationships, businesses and careers can reach the next level of success.

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