The holidays are upon us, which means you have a unique opportunity to end the year strong. Here are a few ways you can prepare your team for the end of the year and set yourself, your team, and your company up for success in the new year: 
  1. Share your vision. Don’t wait until the first workday of the new year to introduce your vision to your team. Start sharing this now. Sharing your vision with your team now give them a few weeks to process new ideas, come up with questions or creative suggestions to improve the vision, and think about how they can best contribute to the growth of the company
  2. Have as many one-on-one meetings as you can with your team. This gives you a chance to check in with members of your team to see how you can put them in a role where they feel appreciated, challenged, and respected. Find out how your employees are feeling now so that you can create a space for them in the new year that matches their strengths and passions. 
  3. Make time for reflection. Even if this means taking a day away from the office to carefully review the year, do it. There is power in reflection, and you can learn a lot about your company’s past, and it’s future through intentional reflection. Some of the things you may want to reflect on before the end of the year include: 
  • A big mistake that I made this year—and the lesson that I learned as a result—was:
  • An obstacle or a challenge that I overcame this year:
  • This is the best thing I bought all year:
  • A really cool thing I created this year was:
  • Here’s how I grew emotionally this year:
  • Here’s how I grew spiritually this year:
  • My biggest time waster this year was:
We’ve got 26 days left in 2019. That’s 26 opportunities to set our companies, our families, and our relationships up for success in the new year. We can do this by sharing our vision, fostering open communication with our teams, and setting aside time for intentional reflection.  Next week, our new series will dive into how to make the most out of the remaining days of 2019 and how to mentally prepare for all of the success that the new year will bring.