You haven’t quite reached your goals (or you want to squeeze in an EXTRA GOAL) before the end of the year.

What now?

Your next steps decide how your year will end. And… your DECADE. Will it be momentous and worthy of fanfare?

Or will you coast into the new year, fizzling out?

If you follow my work, you know there’s only one option: end the year with a bang!

Here’s how to make this year the most successful one yet… in the next 64 days:

1. Decide. WRITE DOWN no more than 3 goals you will crush in the next 64 days.

2. Analyze. What needs to happen to make those 3 goals happen? Who do you need to speak with? What do you need to implement? Where do you need to go? Write these down under each goal. BE SPECIFIC.

3. Plan. Block time off on your calendar to accomodate all that needs to happen between now and the end of the year. BE INTENTIONAL. If you’re serious about knocking these goals out of the park, make time and SHOW UP. If you block off 2 hours on Thursday, dedicate all 120 minutes to your goal.

4. Take Action. Do the work. This is the area where you’ll be a raving success or you’ll fail to achieve your goals. It happens in the action. DO THE THINGS YOU NEED TO DO.

5. Check In. When scheduling your time on your calendar (#3 above), make sure to allot some of your time blocks to checking in and re-prioritizing. As you inch closer to your year-end goals, you’ll need to recalibrate. If you fail to plan for recalibration, you plan to fail!

6. Celebrate. You WILL meet your goals when you follow this age-old, tried-and-true process. WHEN you reach your goals, make sure to celebrate. Create the muscle memory that your hard work is rewarded by celebration and play. YOU DESERVE A CELEBRATION for what you achieve.

That’s it!

Think it’s over-simplified? You may be surprised that almost 85% of us fail to follow through this very straightforward process, even though we know it works!

Decide. Analyze. Plan. Execute. Recalibrate. Celebrate… and do it all in writing! (It matters!)

You’ve got too much ahead of you to stop now. You’ve got 64 more beautiful days this year. When you take action daily, you guarantee your success.

Here’s to a MEGA year-end celebration for a job well done.

Keep going.