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all but stinks no more excuses course

How Many ‘Buts’ Are Holding You Back?

How many times have you heard a friend, family member or loved one explain how they haven’t achieved their dreams using the word ‘but’? 

It’s no coincidence. Countless people let this simple word – and the self-limiting thoughts behind it – keep them feeling stuck and unfulfilled in life and in their careers. 

Join the millions who HAVE learned to overcome what’s holding them back. Based on the lessons in my best selling book “All ‘Buts’ Stink”, this 8-lesson course will show you how to get out of your own way and conquer those damaging beliefs you’ve been holding on to for so many years. 

Give your dreams and goals a fighting chance. That business idea you’ve had for years….the job promotion you deserve…planning for the retirement of your dreams…. no matter how “impossible”, you can find the inner strength to make your dreams come true sooner than you ever thought possible.

Learn How To Graduate From Dreaming And Start Doing!

With the All Buts Stink Course, you’ll learn the secrets and practical steps behind:

Getting and Staying Committed

Learn how to excel in the area where most people falter – genuinely committing your time and focus.

Accountability for Your Future

Follow Walter as he becomes the accountability partner you need, guiding you to your next level!

Vision and Execution


Find the ultimate vision for your life, and learn how to invest in it like a top performer.

What People Are Saying

“Time to step up and take life on. It’s a great course on getting to step up in life and reaching your goals. Be ready to face some hard facts. I would really recommend this program.”
- Scott

“Walter Bond is a gem. If he can’t fire you up … you’re dead.”
- Don S.

“Most motivational books are filled with fluff, or messages and stories that do nothing more than inflate the author’s ego, or try and sell one of the author’s other books, diets, website subscriptions, calendars, etc…. Not this one! It is straight and to the point, and the points he make will change the way you do things, and make you into a stronger person.”
- Verified Reviewer

8 Steps To A Winner’s Mindset

Lesson One – Your Attitude is Your Fault

 By definition, attitude is a state of mind or a feeling, or disposition. Do you have a handle on your attitude? How do you respond, react, and perceive situations and circumstances? Do you know that your attitude is the most crucial factor in how high you will excel in life? 

Lesson Two – Dominate Right Where You Are!

 The key to your promotion is your current situation. Why do you feel entitled to more if you haven’t maximized what you already have? Wherever your life is right now the key for you to reach the next level of success is to dominate right now, right where you are.

Lesson Three – Master Information! 

Master Discipline! Master Life!: You can trace almost every problem you have to a lack of information and/or discipline. This concept is powerful if you can embrace it. If you can get your arms around this one thought, you’re well on your way to greatness. You can take total control of your life by simply accessing the right information and living a life of discipline.

Lesson Four – Vision Is As Vision Does

The lack of vision can lead to frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, and more. Do you know your ultimate vision for your life can still happen for you?

Lesson Five – Don’t Waste Your Time! Invest It!

Don’t ever spend your time again–invest it. If you develop this mindset your life will take a very different course.

Lesson Six – Set Goals That Create Pressure

Goals create more than a road map for your success. Goals create the element of pressure you need to become successful. Goals can rescue you from the dreaded comfort zone.

Lesson Seven – Build Your Brand Like A Star

Our society has been saturated by all of the slogans, brands, and micro brands that big corporations use to sell their products and/or services. Learn how to build one that stands out in the crowd. 

Lesson Eight – The Man In The Mirror

Do you want to know what could be holding you back from increasing your income? The answer to the reason people settle for less in their lives is simple: A person doesn’t settle until they believe they are getting what they truly deserve out of life.

all but stinks no more excuses course
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