Hey, this is Walter Bond. You know what, I’m gonna ask you a question right now. What is your “why”? You know, we look in this world, we have motives for everything, wouldn’t you agree? You know what, do you go to work just to pay the bills or pay your mortgage, or do you go to work because you want to make an impact? Here’s one thing I learned about life. You will have much more success if you make a commitment to be an impact player. You know, some people know my story. I played in the NBA, I got bounced around, I got cut and it hurt, but the truth was, I didn’t have impact. Why have you heard of Michael Jordan? Impact. Why have you heard of Nelson Mandela? Martin Luther King and Elon Musk, Bill Gates. You know, these men and women around the world like Oprah, they’ve had impact. And I want to come in right now and encourage you to be an impact player. And an impact player is a commitment that you gotta make to yourself. Stop going through the motions, stop just showing up, and knowing that when you get there when you arrive, something’s gonna happen. Right, because you are the impact player, when you show up, you are the difference. And my friend, we wrote a book titled All Buts Stink. You know, people have enjoyed this book, we have sold 50,000 copies. Why? Because people love the title. Think about it. All Buts Stink. How to live your best life and eliminate excuses. And I’ve learned, that until I eliminated my excuses, I was stuck. Until you eliminate your excuses, you’re stuck. So that’s why the book is titled, All Buts Stink. We have sold 50,000 copies. People enjoy the book, and it’s simple. So, here’s what we did. We turned it into an online training. So, now it’s not just a book, it’s a chance for you to engage. It’s a chance for you to make this book come to life. In your life, some of the chapters are life-changing. I mean think about it, dominate where you are for example. That’s a huge message. Everybody thinks they’re overqualified. I’m overqualified, I’m overqualified, but let me tell you something, friend. Until you dominate where you are, you’re not going to move. I’m glad you think so highly of yourself, but until everyone else agrees you’re overqualified, you will not get promoted. So, to me you gotta dominate where you are right now. And that’s the only way you unlock the key to your next level to your promotion. Let me tell you something, get the book, engage in the training. That’s just one example of how we teach and how we engage people. Imagine if you just dominated where you are. Imagine if you’re a business leader, and everyone who works for you dominates the role they have right now. I mean this book might not just be for you, maybe you need to buy your whole team the book. Buy your whole company the book. Maybe you need to take your whole company through the training. Why not? I believe smart companies are training and development organizations, masquerading in your core business. You got to turn your business into a training and development company. And maybe you’re an individual, you need to change your life. It’s a training and development, because your life will be a reflection of you. If you want your life to grow, you gotta grow first, and All Buts Stink was written for you. It’s your opportunity to live your best life by eliminating your excuses. You might not know me, you might not have ever heard of Walter Bond. I don’t care about that, but one thing I want you to know, until you become accountable, you will not get to your next level. And this book can help you. Forget about me, the contents of this book can help anybody get bigger, stronger and faster. This book can help anybody live their best life by simply eliminating excuses. Engage, enjoy and remember this. Your job is to think, to execute and to win.