Hey this is Walter Bond and welcome to Monday Morning Readiness. All we want to do this week is to get you ready to have impact this week because you are an impact player and here’s how I want you to impact this week. Be a good listener. If you really think about it, very few people are good listeners. Where do you learn to listen? You know you can learn to talk, you can learn to communicate better, but there’s no degree or master degree that you can get in listening. So this week I want you to listen and here’s what happens: the most conversations take place when we’re just waiting around for an opportunity to talk and to say what we want to say. But smart people, you, who operates with wisdom, you’re a good listener because you understand what a person is saying and where they’re coming from; and let me tell you something, we are all better off when we understand what a person is saying and where they’re coming from. When they know that we care what they think, what they say, what they’re dealing with it positions us not to communicate with someone but to connect. Smart people in business are better connectors. Why? Because they are better listeners. All this week, all I want you to do is to really focus on being a great listener.