Hey, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I’m in Hong Kong. I got a crook in my neck, I don’t know what happened. They got some big pillows, I guess for people that got big heads, but it hurt my neck, but anyway. Man, I am leaving Hong Kong, this thing is getting out of control, we’re on our way to Macau. I just wanted to just visit with you briefly. You know what the one thing that we need to understand, is that we gotta get our mindset right. You know you really think about a hater, what’s a hater? I mean why do they really hate on people? It’s because they’ve given up on their own dreams, and when they see you be successful, they see you be happy, it just hurts them and they’re not mad at you, they’re mad at themselves. I’ve dealt with so many people, I mean we got people out here that have elaborate defense mechanisms, every excuse in the book. “Well I went to the wrong school,”, “If I didn’t marry the right guy,”, “If I would have bought Bitcoin at the right time,”, “Oh I should have invested in Netflix.” Let me tell you something man, the one thing we do with our clients and the one reason we’ve been seeing results, is that we first got to get your mind right. Stop making excuses. That’s why I wrote a book, All Buts Stink. It’s so popular. We’re teaching high school kids, college kids, adults, to eliminate excuses. Stop making excuses, but it’s all mental. How do I know? I used to make excuses, guys. I used to sit on the bench when I was in college complaining, throwing pity parties, and my dad asked me a question. He said, “Son you don’t play, why not?”, and I said, “Dad, politics Dad. It’s political.” My dad said, “What?”, he said, “Man if you’re gonna help that coach win, you’re gonna play.” Then all of a sudden my father helped me eliminate excuses, and before I knew it, I was in the NBA. So All Buts Stink is a really uh, almost an autobiography of my journey of how I became an NBA player coming off the bench. So not enough sports after an eight year professional basketball career, I’d almost felt myself making more excuses. And you know I said, “Dad, I want to be a motivational speaker.”, and he says, “Well do you think you can make a lot of money?” I said, “I don’t know Dad, I’ve never had a job, I’m not white, I mean it’s really mostly white men and I’m a black guy,” and my dad looked at me like dude what’s wrong with you, and again I was falling victim to my own mindset. You know even after an NBA career, I was a little afraid of life after sports. I had a wife and three kids and I found myself making excuses again but here’s the good news, man. All Buts Stink, okay. We gotta get your mind right. Last night, I mean I had drinks with a guy who runs a hedge fund in Hong Kong. I mean, where he invited us to a house for dinner Sunday night, I mean I had custom-made suits yesterday and the tailor who made my custom suits have made suits for two presidents. This thing is out of control, this thing is out of hand, and I wanna be on a mission to help you, okay. The first thing we got to do is get your mindset right. Stop egging on other people. There’s so much money out here, there’s so much opportunity out here, it can still happen and I think that’s why people hate on other people. I think that’s why people make excuses, because somehow they believe that their dreams can’t come true. Ladies and gentlemen, in three years I doubled my NBA income and business in 36 months and if I can do it you can do it. I was a C student, almost flunked out of my first high school, okay, and now I’m a thought leader. You know what, I got my mind right. So here’s what we got to understand and I’m gonna teach this to you right now. Share this with your family, share this with your friends, and make sure you get it. The first thing we have to do is get your mind right, eliminate all excuses and you got to get information, okay. You don’t know, what you don’t know. When I left sports, I knew nothing about business, absolutely nothing. Now I routinely talk to CEOs and they listen to me. CEOs take notes when I speak. Are you serious? If I can do it you could do it. Yet, it freaks me out the CEO of Denny’s John Miller called me recently and he says, “Walter, man, you know you’re really good at what you do and I don’t need to tell you that.” I was like, “Yes you do, yes you do. You need to tell me that.” But he just talked about all the things that I shared with his audience and his franchisees and now they want to do more work with us and that’s the see, I mean CEOs. Come on, if I can do it, you can do it. Now we gotta get your mind right and then you gotta load yourself on information but here’s the next key: you gotta have access to the right people. Okay, I want you to think about, do you know any millionaires? Okay, do you know any millionaires in your rolodex, okay. You gotta access them, okay, and don’t get weird. You don’t start harassing them and stalking them and that kind of thing, parking out in front of their house. That’ll get you arrested, don’t do that kind of weird stuff, but if you know someone who’s successful you know you got to get access to em. All I want you to do is hang out with them, take them to lunch, have coffee and just get a feel for their mindset and how they think and don’t ask them for anything. Just enjoy their presence. You know, we joined the Country Club when I retired from the NBA and I just said there and I just listened to conversations and after a while these business people were kind of you know, confident, borderline cocky, like ball players, and all of a sudden you know what happened to me? I got confident but my thought was, you know what if they can do it, I can do it. You know, good for them, but they’re not better than me. They’re not smarter than me, and obviously I begin to get this confidence and fear went away, okay. I was harassing my wife to get a job, I was like honey, I done carried you for ten years you need to get a job. I saw these women at the Country Club playing with the kids, afternoon snacks, the husband was handling business and all of a sudden I got more confident. I was like babe, you don’t want to work? I got this. It all happened because of access. I got around millionaires and successful people so you need to get information, and you need to have access. Let me tell you something, I’m from middle-class. I’m from middle-class America, right there on the south side of Chicago and I tell all my people I don’t hoop no more, but I’m still balling. That’s right, I don’t hoop no more, but I’m still balling. That’s the mindset you gotta have. You gotta be a baller, and a baller and the boss starts right here in your mind with your mindset. All Buts Stink was written for you. Here’s what I want you to do, go to my website and get the whole bundle. I’m making this thing almost a no-brainer for you, and if you don’t want to do it, do it for your kids. If you give it up, get your college kid involved. Get your high school kid and connect it, okay. Get them access to me, ’cause I’m lifting up this whole world. I got a guy right now who wants me to come to Shanghai, right now he wants me to come to Shanghai. I’m like, Shanghai? I don’t even know how to spell Shanghai, but if you want me to come to Shanghai, I’m coming to Shanghai, okay. I want to lift up the world and let them understand that no more excuses. We’re to be fruitful and we’re to multiply ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we’re wired to do. If you don’t get your mind right you will never be fruitful. You will never multiply. “As a man thinks, so is he,” don’t get me preaching in here, Lord have mercy. Here’s what I want you to do: go to walterbond.com and do the bundle for 97 bucks that you’re about to blow at freaking Capital Grille, for 97 bucks. I know guys that spend more money on cigars, cognac, Hennessy whatever you’re drinking man. Come on man, for 97 dollars, you’re gonna get a book, you’re gonna get the online course and you’re also gonna get an online training, man. Look I’m out of here to Macau, click the link and let’s get plugged in. Go, you got time. It’s not too late. Let’s go.