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Team Building

Discover how to attract, inspire, and keep the very best talent.


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Corporate Coaching

Looking for online training to take your team to new heights? Our iExecute coaching program, led by Walter himself, delivers high impact training designed for every level of employee from C-level to the ground floor. Learn winning strategies for attacking your market, how to set your organization up for explosive growth, time-tested best practices for leadership and team development, and team-level plans for implementation and execution for Q1 through Q4.

Executive Coaching

Get the mental edge you need as a leader with our iWin Coaching program. These one -on-one strategic sessions with Walter are designed to help C-level executives build growth strategies into organizational plans, and become the kind of leaders that inspire and galvanize their organizations. Learn how to build “growth-minded” marketing strategies, how to identify your “A customer”, and the little-known secrets to developing the right culture and core values.

Small Business Coaching

Master the habits and practices that separate the average small business owner from the top 10%. This exclusive Mastermind Group teaches practical strategies for growing your business, hiring the right people, and developing the type of business that works for you (and not the other way around). Get access to Premium content, including members-only video content, interviews with celebrity entrepreneurs, and a monthly check-in call with Walter himself.

Speaker Coaching

Want to command higher fees as a public speaker? Looking to join a growth-minded community that will help you develop your skills, strengthen your connection with audiences, and improve your marketing as a business and a brand? This mastermind group is an insider’s guide to leveling up in the competitive world of top professional speakers.

Personal Development Coaching

If you want to shape your future, you must first master your habits. This Personal Development Program is for those who are looking to develop the skillset, the mindset, and a few surprising tricks that are guaranteed to rocket them to the next level in their career.


What People Are Saying About Walter

“Walter Bond made a HUGE impact and difference in our record year in 2019! He spoke to our sales reps once a month on an hour call, and to our sales leadership for an hour on a separate call once a month for an entire year. During that time he completely changed our culture, implemented “Core Values” into our company which we never had, changed our mindsets, and applied philosophies that we will use going forward. I still quote him almost daily and the live the principles he taught us.”

Darren Doerr
Director of National Sales, Acell Inc.

It’s given us a great foundation, blue print and sounding board to successfully move us forward. Access to forms, contacts and other information has reduced our time creating and looking for answers.

M. Carolina
Small Business Owner

As a seasoned franchise executive, I found his message to be not only inspirational, but eye opening. His latest book, Swim! I was drawn deeply into the story, bringing me to laugh and into tears as I related to lessons revealed. Thank you Walter for inspiring me to want to be great again!

Steve T.
Franchise Owner

You have provided me a clear game plan to take my speaking business to the next leave. Before your coaching program, I was riding the bench (pretending to be a player), but now I am in the game!

Small Business Owner