Hey, this is Walter Bond. Listen, peak performers know how to receive criticism the right way. Now here’s the truth. This is a public, nobody knows this. I just lost 30 pounds, okay, and here’s what inspired me. Someone was watching my YouTube video and said, “Oh, I can’t listen to him, he’s fat.” Oh, it hurt. But it was true. And honestly, that criticism inspired me to lose 30 pounds, okay. Now, was that nice? No, it was mean spirited, but you know, it worked. Here’s the reality. Don’t ever allow someone’s criticism of you, to destroy you. Even when it’s done the wrong way, it’s still gonna have impact. In fact, peak performers are harder on themselves than anyone else could ever be. I’ve been struggling, I’ve been down about my weight, but that comment was the boost I felt like I needed to put some things into action. So, the next time you get a performance review, don’t get offended. Don’t curse anybody out. I want you to just say thank you. In fact, you should bring out a sheet of paper, longer than the one they gave you and say, well you know what, you forgot that I’m late sometimes. You forgot that sometimes I can get angry. You forgot these other things, but I’ll work on all of them and thank you for increasing my value. Now I know, abuse is real, I get that. But constructive criticism is never that impactful when you’re hard on yourself in the first place. So, enjoy your day, but more importantly, the next time you get criticized, I just want you to say thank you. Thank you for increasing my value.