There’s a fight right around the corner, just waiting for you. You better learn how to fight. You got to get up every morning, fighting, clawing, scratching. You got to beat depression, you got to beat anxiety, you got to beat the naysayers, you got to beat that little voice in your head that’s telling you, you’re not good enough. When I think about fighting, I’m not talking about people. I’m talking about situations, I’m talking about circumstances, I’m talking about opportunities, that sometimes you have to fight for. Come on life, let’s fight, let’s go! Come on job, let’s go, come on career, let’s go. I’m gonna go to war. That dream is not going to sit there and wait for you to come and get it, you gotta chase it. Like a man possessed, you gotta go get it. But to win fights, you gotta have stamina. You gotta be ready to fight and bounce back. Punch and counterpunch, jab and jab back. Let me tell you something, life is a series of fights. The worst thing you can do, is run away from your fights, because if life is a series of fights, and you run away? You just ran away from your life. We got to fight, we got to fight. We can’t lay down. When you lay down, you get ran over. When you’re about to fight, you know the fight’s coming, your adrenaline begins to pump, your heart begins to race. Your mind gets right, and say, “Look, I’m not gonna just fight, I’m gonna win this battle, and sucka, you’re going down!” Some of you guys are out there fighting for your life, why? ‘Cause the doctor told you, you have cancer. You better not feel sorry for yourself. You better not lay down and quit. You better get up and fight, because a happy spirit does a body good, like medicine. Fighting for your future. Fighting for your dreams. Fighting for success. When you come over the pressure, you raise your arms like a champion. When you overcome bankruptcy, you raise your arms like a champ. When you come over divorce, raise your arms in victory. Sometimes in life, you get caught with a good one. You didn’t see divorce coming, you didn’t see cheating coming. You didn’t see being fired coming. You got sucker punched. Oh I been sucker punched before, but that doesn’t mean I can stop fighting. We gotta get up, baby. When you get sucker punched, get up! If you get hit in the gut, get up! If you want to win this war, you gotta learn how to fight. One battle at a time. One war at a time. You might not win every fight, but you’ve got to win the war. You got to have the right attitude, the right mindset, the right mentality. Not just to fight, there’s going to be a war, and you won’t quit until you win. There’s going to be a war, and don’t you quit, until you win. Let’s fight, let’s fight, let’s fight, and let’s fight.