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What is Your Power of 2?

In each of our personal and professional lives, we have an established list of core beliefs in activities we believe will make us more successful. Have you ever found yourself working daily and not truly making any progress? I have found that often times we do lots of...

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Lessons in Teamwork

Winning organizations do a few things well. Do you know what those core fundamentals are? Challenge your thinking this week and implement some new strategies as we continue to build on our lessons in leadership. Visit me on Facebook and Linkedin to discuss and share...

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Is your NCAA bracket completely busted? Study each player's passion and will to win. Do you bring that same level of passion to your daily activities? Why not?...

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Wake Up

Wake Up What happens when you continue to stay in an atmosphere without participating in it? Listen to today's message Yes, it's time for us all to Wake...

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Maximizing Your People

This week we are talking about the difference between champions and winners. Championship cultures know how to get the most out of each person. This is true at work and at home. How do you help those around you be their very best and play above themselves? Listen in...

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What is Your Why?

Our ability to be relentless and focused on our goals and our next level can be summed up in one simple question. What is your Why? Listen and share Walter's message with your team to move you closer to championship...

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