I see Stewie can justify anything and the worst part about it they can believe this excuse don’t look at me like that some of you guys have been defeated I ran in life you said to yourself you know what I got a GED nobody wants me I used to be an alcoholic nobody wants me my own father’s you tell me I was no good nobody wants me I’ll just work this little dead-end job and we’ll figure out what’s next cuz I don’t have anywhere to go some of you guys can relate to what I’m saying somehow someway you disqualified yourself I work with so many people not gonna relate to them nobody can beat you but you nobody can stop you with you but the worst thing you can do will disqualify yourself now fifty years old I got a wife I got kids I got mortgages I got bills school is over that’s all about the real deal right now you guys want to is there in each queue for an adult not to get an A not alive so when you go to work is there any excuse for you not to be in the a man is there an excuse me your store not to be in a store is there an excuse for you to go home and not be a husband is there any excuse for you not to be an a wife or a mom or dad it’s an excuse cuz we’re not a middle school in law we’re not in high school so a report card day I came home and I was sit down with my mom and dad and I would make excuses about my seat well mine you know I don’t like to teach him I’ll going to teach him that like me that’s why she gave me a seat you know my mom would say that teaching and give you nothing you earned this nobody can stop you with you you know I had a goal of playing him in there and I got there you guys know I had a goal of doubling my NBA income and I got there if you set a goal and you make the intention that you want to get there do you know that you writing it down and looking at it every single day you’re seven times more likely to achieve that goal this is America ladies and gentlemen it can happen to you it can happen for you but you got to write these go there I’ll play the Pope tablets so they can be seen by man and that man and that woman is you my probably said right to go down son and I wrote him down I said then I’m a plain NBA and I’m a that’s your problem son your value system screwed up you’re smart this family’s about being a student-athlete we write your goals tomorrow and give them to he didn’t yell at me he didn’t browbeat me you didn’t criticize me he said son that’s your problem your value system is screwed up redoing and give them to me tomorrow you know some of you guys can have more in life but your value system school you’re more excited about Facebook and Instagram some of you guys at school you’re not gonna work why did that golf course my father taught me something very vital but you know what you will do well and what you dwell on you will dwell in but you dwell on if you dwell on marijuana you will dwell in marijuana and you will get them we smokers reward I thought about it the other day I’m from Chicago I’ve never been to a third retirement party have you I’ve never been to a thumpin private party I guess I have they’re called fuels what you dwell in you dwell on so can I give you a little bit of advice make sure your value system is good make sure your value system makes sense people say all the time well what’s most important to you God family work and I know what you’re gonna write down it’s gonna be really your heart does that make sense what was in my heart with sports and that’s no lie my father said we do you buy you sisters Saguna I read it the next day and said dad you ready okay babe I’m gonna graduate college in four years I’m gonna play in the NBA you may know I’ve duck [Music] but then his nice back here summer playing in da that’s what I say I’m gonna make more money in business and I didn’t know my father said I like you son I like I want to take those girls out before I lure that 2.1 turned into a two-point line before I knew it I got selected to be president of the Durham doesn’t love Kappa the homecoming committee before I knew that begin people begin and recognize me not as an athlete but as a leader in school I was sitting I wanted the truth I know I’m gonna get a creep I know I’m gonna get a preprint oh and Abel I Walter is mathematically impossible you know what I’m talking about so I got as hot as I hear a 2.9 I realized what I could have a if I would have taken advantage I’ve been a little bit more – um I asked like something you guys need to hear what I’m saying to be right now some of you guys used to be a Mattu on your past night can I get a witness now you met a little school anymore you’re not in high school childhood is over would you agree and grow them in and grown women think a certain way operate a certain way and have a certain mindset mentality I want you to understand you are a part of a legacy you’ve heard about your mom’s Ford you heard about your dad’s store it now it’s time for you to build your story my father was a sharecropper in Tennessee I heard all the stories my dad would tell me being a young red boy in Tennessee he said son I got called it in word so many times I began to think it was my first name but I busted my butt for you say I bust him up well I went back to college for you son I got educated to you sir everything I do is for you son see right now I want you to understand you are a part of a legacy give you guys your mom made sacrifices for you your dad made sacrifices for you that was time for you to grab the bull by the horns and impact your legacies everybody with me your mom and dad have this store your grandfather your grandmother has here’s a birth story now you are building your story how’s that attract me one day now watching the four by one relay and I love a four by one relay so that first printer takes off with the baton in their hand and everyone as hard as I can as fast as they can and when they get to the next athlete they yeah fake and that makes athlete takes off running but they reach back they just reach back a little bit Lynnae run as hard as they can as fast as it can 400 meters and they have it and it’s so important to make a successful end off because if you don’t make a successful end off you are disqualified and the next athletes turn is to run as hard as you can as fast you can and then they yes take me Hannah tonight their anchors Carl Lewis that anguish brow gel that they threw us out you say in that Lazarus e-meters Wow they come around the curve and all you he’s elbows and perform and they come down the process since we’re out so that distracting and that saw the man was baton [Music] stick stick stick stick your father might be from Russia your grandfather might be from Cuba Colombia I don’t know where they from but let me tell you something at some point they’re gonna yell stick never ties in your hand so we don’t have time to be silly I mean what would you agree we don’t have time to play games anymore would you agree you got to get that pattern in your head you got to run as hard as you can as fast as you can and every day in that car in the morning my dad will just talk to like son of Tennessee say education is very valuable you cannot did value education with you education is important son that’s the way out education working on education hitting train smart families are training and development organizations masquerading as a family mom dad you were head trims of a family you know my dad would say go get it go go get it this week go get it go get it be sweet be sweet baby go get it go get it be sweet be sweet baby every time I left the house my mom would say be sweet baby be sweet my dad would say go get it son go get it go get it go get it go get it go get it be sweet go get it she’s my family [Music] be sweetly I said go in the class and said if I get to see I’m good I’m good everyone went further yeah you know that the average person thinks the same exactly they could do more they could be more if they believed more.