Hey friend, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I got good news for you. I know you’re trying to get to that next level, and my job is to help you get there. In fact, I’m on a mission to partner with you until you do, and here’s why we do it. We have to master the fundamentals. I learned in sports that once I mastered the fundamentals, then I was worthy for the NBA. So, when I got in the business, I had to master some personal fundamentals. Mindset, committing to being an impact player, having good habits, good rituals, continuous improvement, making sure I’m a good teammate. Those are just a couple of fundamentals. Though if we’ve mastered those, we’re well on our way to reaching our potential and getting to that next level. I don’t care what you want. It could be more money, a promotion. It could be awards and recognition, it could be happiness or fulfillment. It really doesn’t matter; we all can get better by simply focusing on the fundamentals. So, ask yourself the question. What’s the one fundamental that if I focus on it, it’s gonna help me get 10% better? Imagine just the next 12 months getting 10% better. If we all get 10% better every single year, in five years time, we won’t recognize your life. We won’t recognize your family, we won’t even recognize your future, but it’s all because you focused on mastering the fundamentals.