Vision is as vision does. Vision is powerful, and we all have the ability to create a vision, but the biggest mistake that people make, they don’t make their vision clear where they can see it every day, all day. That’s why some people are busy, and some people are productive. So this Monday morning, here’s what I want you to do. Whatever your vision is go and make it clear. Print it out, put it in your office, put it in your car, put it in your bathroom. Make sure it’s never out of your sight, and here’s the beauty of it. We are all like GPS systems and when we get our vision clear in front of us, we’re always progressing toward it so it’s Monday morning baby what are you gonna do this week to give yourself a little bit of a better chance to get to your vision? What can you do this week to get a little bit closer to your vision? I want you to be relentless. I want to make sure that you are so locked in and so focused, you don’t stop until you win. You don’t stop until you get there, but you can’t achieve a vision that you can’t see. Everyone in your family needs to know your vision. Everyone in your neighborhood needs to know your vision. Everyone, everyone in your company, your department, your division, whatever world you operate in, everyone needs to know your vision but most importantly you need to know where you had it because you’re like a predator. As soon as you see that vision, baby, you lock in and you don’t quit until you win. Vision is as vision does. When you have a clear vision your daily activity will get you closer and closer and closer until you strike, until you win. Go make your vision plain and see it all day, every day and you can thank me later, because once you get there, now you know how powerful vision actually is.