We’ve been brainwashed. Yes, we’ve been brainwashed. Think about it, we went to kindergarten and if we were mediocre, we got promoted to the next level called elementary school. We went to elementary school, if we were at least mediocre, we got promoted to high school. Am I right or wrong? And all you had to do is be mediocre in high school, and some of you guys were a pain in the butt, and they graduated you anyway because they didn’t want to deal with you the next year, am I right or wrong? So we’ve been conditioned to get promoted, even if we’re mediocre. Mistake. We’ve been conditioned, that someone else is in charge of our promotion. Our next level. I’m here to tell you as a former professional athlete, all we talked about was the next level and most people think the next level is a cliche. The next level is not a cliche, the next level is a lifestyle. The next level is a tangible place. In three years, I’ve doubled my NBA income in the marketplace. That’s what I call the next level. See I firmly believe that making money is easy. I’ve been in business 15 years. Every year my salary and income gets bigger, stronger and faster. Why? Because I understand the keys to that proverbial next level. You are in charge of your next level. You cannot expect to get promoted to that next level, if you are mediocre. Some of you guys are doing the five million, you want to get your next level, it’s going to require you to become somebody different. If you’re at ten million, you want to get to twenty million, you can, but you must become someone different.