Hey, this is Walter Bond. Listen, have you seen our video, Shark Mindset? That thing went viral! We had no idea that you would love us so much, so here’s what we decided. To drop a shark bite, every single week. It’s based on our best-selling book, Swim. Swim is changing the game, so every week get ready. All you gotta do is execute. Let me tell you something, I can’t execute for you. We’re gonna set the table, and all you gotta do, is eat. Are you ready? Here’s my bite for the day: Sharks hunt at night. Think about it. They hunt at night. Can I ask you a question? How much do you sleep? Wait, wait. You’re at work, and let me tell you something, at 3 o’clock you start getting sleepy and dozing off at your cubicle in your office, and then you wonder why you didn’t get promoted. Let me tell you something, sharks hunt at night, which means, baby, there’s no time for sleep. There’s no time for slumber. You gotta grind, you have to have unbelievable work ethic. Here’s the truth: you’ve got to develop a no matter what mindset. You’ve got to develop a no matter what mentality, because no matter what, is what separates. When you have conviction, if you don’t have conviction, you will “do matter what”. You gotta have a mentality, that no matter what. Listen, if I provided value for you today, all you gotta do is go get the Shark Mindset Action Plan. Follow the instructions, go to walterbond.com and download the Shark Mindset Action Plan and stay tuned every week, I’m going to have a new shark bite just for you.