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Are you new to the business of speaking?

Are you looking for a system to plug into that can keep you motivated and generate ideas?

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Welcome to iSpeak Coaching.

We are a husband and wife coaching duo who actually have operated our speaking business for nearly 20 years.  We created iSpeak just for you.

We want to share our knowledge to simplify and make your business building easier. Why? To simply save you time, frustration and money. Not to mention, the island of loneliness that many speakers find themselves on.

Why not join a community of people that do exactly what you do?

iSpeak Offers:


Coaching in a group setting with other business focused speakers


Strategies and techniques to advance products ideas


24/7 access to information


Tools needed to grow your speaking business


How to’s in nearly every aspect of the speaking business

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Speaker Training: Our program has been designed to teach and train you in all aspects of the speaking business. From story-telling to crafting the perfect speech that incorporates your lessons and principles you want to share with your audience. We teach you how to take command of the stage and bring your message and business to life.

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Accountability: The core of any good coaching program is to create a platform that creates the environment where you want to do more. Our weekly group sessions are based on teachings and actions that keep you on target and hold you accountable to your business plan. The key to our program is to help you collapse time frame and create a supportive environment for questions, answers and weekly lessons on business building concepts.

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Focus: Business growth and training requires the ability to do the right activities at the right time. We help you keep your business priorities simple by focusing on the most important details of this business. This industry requires focused attention and a time commitment to grow. We challenge our team weekly with assignments and deadlines to make sure goals are met as quickly as possible.

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Commitment: This business requires your attention and a commitment to do the hard things. From selling to marketing to stage development, we work with speakers who are ready to make a commitment to themselves and their loved ones to share their message with the world.

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Strategy: We help you build the perfect strategy to grow your business as big as you want it to be. Seven figures is within reach. We help you strategize to get there. Strategic planning is one of your main responsibilities as a member of iSpeak.


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