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TGIM- Thank Goodness It’s Monday!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” —William Arthur Ward We’ve all been programmed, since we were kids, to say thank you. It’s a socially expected response to give when someone does something for you. But when was...

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Mondays Are For Crushing Goals

The Walter Bond team gets excited about Mondays. We have come to understand the power of a fresh start, a new week, and another opportunity to set goals and crush them. We’ve learned to relax and refresh over the weekend to be at our best on Monday morning. When you...

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It’s Time to Get to It

It’s Monday Morning. As I am starting my week I can’t help but think of the benefit of staying focused and maximizing time. I know you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down. So why are we not consistently having a to-do list and...

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How to get settled on Your Vision

When I wrote my best selling book All Buts Stink one of my main goals was to help teach people how to lock into their vision. In my line of work, I meet people all of the time who are unsettled. Folks have a concept or idea and it dies there. Think about the work you...

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What is Your Power of 2?

In each of our personal and professional lives, we have an established list of core beliefs in activities we believe will make us more successful. Have you ever found yourself working daily and not truly making any progress? I have found that often times we do lots of...

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Lessons in Teamwork

Winning organizations do a few things well. Do you know what those core fundamentals are? Challenge your thinking this week and implement some new strategies as we continue to build on our lessons in leadership. Visit me on Facebook and Linkedin to discuss and share...

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Swim! dives deep into the concepts of mentorship and the power of human connection.

While too many business leaders spend their time obsessing about facts, figures, and the bottom line, it is more important for them to learn to manage relationships.

Once attention shifts to relationships, businesses and careers can reach the next level of success.

Swim! is applicable for both personal and business development readers.


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