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Why You Need an Off Season

Have you ever noticed the cadence with which Americans great each other and connect? It is remarkable that we all have this rigid habit of asking every new person we meet the same questions in the same order: “What is your name?” quickly followed by, “Where are you...

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Visionary leadership! Can you see without your eyes?

I am a firm believer that there is a distinct difference between vision and sight. Sight means you can see what’s in front of or around you. You may need glasses but you can still technically see and don’t require a Seeing Eye dog or a cane to get around. However,...

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Accountability! High Performers Secret

I loved my NBA career. For a moment in time I was among the best in the world. Riding buses with teammates Karl Malone and John Stockton, and with legendary coach Jerry Sloan riding up front. I played against Michael Jordan and saw the fire in his eyes that burned...

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The Basics of Leadership

I was tired of the dorm. It was time to take the next step into adulthood. I found it – the perfect apartment. It was nice enough, and my roommate and I could afford it. Do you remember your first apartment? I am sure you do because it’s your first attempt at being a...

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What is Executive Presence?

Executive presence is all about “it.” Do you have the “it” factor working for you? Professionals with executive presence can command a room; when they walk into a room, people notice and listen. Do people stop to listen to you? The key to EP is being perceived as...

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Servant Leadership: “Where is your focus?”

The old style of leadership is for the king/queen to sit on his/her throne and bark out orders. Anyone that doesn't comply—off with your head. Sounds like an episode of Games of Thrones, right? But leaders are still leading the same way: figuratively beheading people...

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SWIM! In Stores Now

Are you a parasite, a suckerfish, or a SHARK?

Swim! dives deep into the concepts of mentorship and the power of human connection.

While too many business leaders spend their time obsessing about facts, figures, and the bottom line, it is more important for them to learn to manage relationships.

Once attention shifts to relationships, businesses and careers can reach the next level of success.

Swim! is applicable for both personal and business development readers.


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