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All Eyes Are on You

One of my favorite sayings is: "I'll hear what you say, but I'll trust what you do." I think this is absolutely brilliant. You should use it when you want to feel real smart and savvy as a leader. I first heard it used by college football coach Jerry Kill at the...

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Leaders Must Be Decisive

A July 2015 article in Business Insider studied over 500 millionaires, and it states that the one character trait all millionaires have in common is that they are decisive. They can make decisions quickly and stick to them once they are made. You can't argue the...

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Leadership is all About Execution

I get a kick out of the term CEO. I think CEO should stand for Chief Execution Officer. People try to correct me when I mention my version of CEO, as if I'm a dummy and made a mistake. But I know exactly what I mean. Success in business boils down to execution. A...

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All Leadership Trainings are Incomplete

I’m going to make a bold statement, and I am sure you will agree with me. The reason we have had so much success with our teamwork program is because we have opened some eyes. I had an epiphany recently regarding leadership: how can you offer leadership training and...

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Leading from Your Strength

As we delve deeper into teamwork and you try to figure out your team, you need to figure out you. As a leader, you are the nucleus of your team, which means you must figure yourself out before you can build a high-performing team. I just got off the phone with a...

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Where Chemistry Lives!

To build great teams, we need to look no further than a person's skills. Your professionals must be talented and skilled; however, we also must consider their attributes as a professional based in our iTEAM model. Your professionals’ attributes is the basis of team...

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SWIM! In Stores Now

Are you a parasite, a suckerfish, or a SHARK?

Swim! dives deep into the concepts of mentorship and the power of human connection.

While too many business leaders spend their time obsessing about facts, figures, and the bottom line, it is more important for them to learn to manage relationships.

Once attention shifts to relationships, businesses and careers can reach the next level of success.

Swim! is applicable for both personal and business development readers.


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