My collagen career was over I got offered a job to become a hospital administrator two year program $75,000 job and right before I took the job my daddy called me on the phone let me tell you about my daddy when I was a little boy my daddy would always pick me up when he came home from work he picked me up when he saw me in the nursery of the church he picked me up no matter how long he works no matter how tired he was my dad would always pick me up so when I had my kids I would always pick up my kids when I got home sometimes I was tired they have a bottle in one hand and they just lift it up the other hand what daddy was supposed to do my job was to pick them up let me help you out that will care this is a spiritual interaction will you pick up a child it is a spiritual transaction will you pick up a child you change their perspective will you pick up a child all of a sudden they can see the world the way you see it I don’t care what your children are done there is nothing they can do for you to stop picking them up what my daughter’s a drug addict I don’t care picker my son messes up I don’t care pick him up I don’t care. That is your job mama that is your job daddy that is a draw grandma that is your job granddad your number one job is to pick them up and change their perspective my sad is day one day my daddy looked at me said boy you too big I can’t pick you up anymore he couldn’t pick me up physically it could be a close I had a great dad because he was always so my daddy called me on the phone he answered a question he said suddenly a tough year it was next I said dad I put up a hospital administrator my bad but let me ask you a question son do you believe your they’ll be anywhere because what do I need to do to play. He said be two things you can paint in there move 20,000 shoot a three-point shot with wings you can after disappear motivational speaker said that if you lose twenty thousand to three points at with range you can play in the I’m lost 20 pounds and every day I was just five on the side today and every single day I got invited to training camp with the Dallas Mavericks and now only could I make the team I became the first run track Keifer engine and not history of the Dallas Mavericks to start open a night through my mind I not started the basketball game since high school I got you the arena and they dim the lights they put the spotlight right on me right through the spotlight I saw my mom my dad and all my brothers and sisters when I saw my dad that is pop by fastly and he popped his fist the tears stream down my face.