CD-7 Laws of Leadership


How Leaders Create a Culture of Accountability in an Audio recording by Walter Bond

Think about it for a moment—have you ever met a person who enjoys being bossed around? The most common form of leadership is micro-management—which is destructive, expensive and a buzz kill for any team.

Most leaders micro-manage because they’ve never received sufficient training on “how to lead.” In this audio program, Walter tells how to turn the destructive dangers of micro-management around with the seven laws of leadership. Leaders learn how to empower their team members to own and be accountable for what they do. As a result, team members feel engaged, inspired and motivated, and leaders go on to create and grow a culture of accountability that improves results year after year.

No matter what kind of team you’re leading—your staff, your family, your club or association—this presentation will give you the tools and motivation you need to become the champion leader that already lives inside of you. Put Walter’s laws of leadership to work for you today, and look forward to celebrating the fruits of great teamwork for years to come.

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Learn the foundational elements of team leadership. This CD is designed to help you become a Peak Performing Leader.