Sharks never stop swimming. Sharks never go backwards, or they die. A sucker fish’s job is to go for a free ride with the sucker fish, with the shark, but the sucker fish’s job is to clean parasites off the shark. And a benefit of a sucker fish, that it gets to eat the scraps that the shark creates, because they never stop swimming which means they never stop hunting, so a sucker-fish benefits from a shark, and they go for a free ride through the ocean. And their job is to make sure that they clean the parasites off the shark’s skin. That’s why mentorship is so important. Mentorship is all about sharks and sucker fishes. Last night at dinner, Brian told me about his relationship with Zig Ziglar. At the time the relationship being born, Zig Ziglar was the shark, Brian was the sucker fish. But a shark can teach a sucker fish how to hunt. A shark can teach a sucker fish how to think like a shark, act like a shark, and behave like a shark. He stays so close to this shark, he became one himself, and right now.