Have you ever wondered why some business people get stuck and others press on to higher levels of su

ccess? Have you ever wondered what the keys are to reaching your potential? If you knew what the keys were, is there any reason you wouldn’t execute them? And, my final question, which should reveal the answer, is this: why do pro athletes benefit from an off-season?

Boom! An off-season gives you a chance to work not in your business but on your business. I learned this during my NBA career. When you put your off-season to work, you are almost guaranteed better results. It’s like a sabbatical of sorts designed to help you achieve exponential growth.

If you consider it your job to reach your potential, a well-executed work exercise needs to become sacred to you. It’s your chance to regain control and to get on a continuous improvement track. It’s doesn’t take long to facilitate an off-season and the benefits are tremendous. It’s the high performer’s secret.

Can you imagine improving each business fundamental by 10-20%, five years in a row? If you want to reach your potential, the secret is now out of the bag. It worked for me in sports and in business and, trust me, my friend, it will work for you too.