Hey, this is Walter Bond. You are the product, endorse it. I’m fired up right now. You know what, this week, I introduced my wife at an event, and before I introduced her, I stated who I was. And my name is Walter Bond, an award-winning Hall of Fame motivational speaker. And so when the event was over, a young lady comes up to me, she says, “Wow, you really sell yourself,” and it was uncomfortable silence for about 30 seconds, and then she says, “Well, I need to do a better job with that.” But on the way home I got in my head, and I was thinking, “Oh, hopefully I wasn’t narcissistic, hopefully I didn’t come off arrogant, hopefully they didn’t take me the wrong way.” Then I come home, cut on a TV, and I begin to watch a baseball game, and I began to notice the commercials. We have the number one pillow on the market, our resort is the number one, our golf community is the number one, and I saw commercial after commercial after commercial. These companies bragging about themselves and endorsing themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, I got my act together. I am back on my grind, and I want you to state your name and just say “I am,” and brag about you for the next 30 seconds. State your name, say, “I am,” and talk crazy about yourself. Think about it, don’t you ever endorse your purse, more than you endorse you. Don’t you ever endorse your car, more than you endorse you. Every time you endorse somebody else’s product, you put money in their pocket, but every time you endorse you, you put money in your own pocket. State your name and for the next 30 seconds, brag about you. Let me tell you something, that’s gonna sound like this. My name is Walter Bond, and I am an award-winning Hall of Fame motivational speaker, and there’s not many human beings on this planet that can do what I do. You’re a lawyer, just say “I am.” You’re a doctor, just say, “I am.” I’m a VP and, “I am.” You’re CEO and you are. State your name and talk crazy for 30 minutes and let me tell you something, don’t expect anyone to endorse you before you endorse yourself.