Hey world, this is Walter Bond. Listen, I got a powerful message for you today. Do you want to make more money, do you want to be happier, do you want to be fulfilled? Hear me clearly, we must become experts with people. In fact, the way I see it, we’re in the people business. “Well Walter, I’m in technology.” Oh, I get that, but you’re in the people business. “Well I work in HR.” Oh, you’re in the people business. “Well I’m introverted.” Well, you better get into the people business, and here’s why. Successful people know a lot of people, so here’s my message. Don’t communicate with people, we have to become experts in connecting with people. How many business cards do you have in your car, in your wallet, on your dresser? You have no clue who gave it to you. You know why? You communicated with them, but you didn’t connect. So, here’s a how-to. Every time you meet someone, here’s what we need to do. Start asking questions. What’s your name, what do you do, where are you from, what school did you go to, do you have kids, how old are they, do they play soccer? I mean whatever, start asking questions, and here’s what we need to do. Find three areas that we can use to build that relationship on, because a three-string chord is not easily broken. Let me tell you something, if we become experts with people, everything that we get and everything we want out of life will be delivered. Why? Because God is not dropping manna out the sky anymore. Anything you get has got to pass through a human hand, which means the one thing that might be holding you back from your next level is that you’re not good with people. Successful people know a lot of people, and here’s what I know. We all love to talk about ourselves. So, if you can get people to talk about themselves, you are well on your way to becoming an expert with people, and you’ll start getting better and not communicating with people. But if you start connecting with people, ladies and gentlemen, that might be the one game-changer you’ve been looking for, to get to your next level. Share this with your friends and your family. I’m on a mission. All I want to do is teach people the how-to’s so that you can be more, have more and do more. See you guys next week.