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The Formula

From college reserve, to NBA starter, to Hall-of-Fame motivational speaker, Walter Bond has made a career of learning and mastering the formula for greatness.

His next mission is to share it with you.

For 19 years, The Bond Group has specialized in making the thinking patterns, strategies, and behavior of top performers across industries easier to learn and apply. Through keynotes viewed by millions, best-selling books, and life-changing coaching programs, The Bond Group has helped countless business leaders, diverse teams, and dreamers become the peak performers they were destined to be.




Need to get your team refocused, re-energized, and ready for explosive action? Discover the dynamic delivery, no-nonsense message, and unique, industry-focused approach that’s heard in over 100 keynote addresses a year!

Training and education

Get the tools and resources you need to accelerate your career and unlock your potential! We offer a library of solutions to help individuals or their teams grow – from best-selling books, to online courses and digital downloads, to one-on-one coaching.

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Success Coaching

Find the coaching program that’s right for you. Walter and his team work intimately with executives, business owners, sales teams, entrepreneurs and would-be speakers on ways to grow and develop next level businesses with next level leadership.

Get On The Path To Personal Success

Real change starts in the mind. Download the FREE self-development program that’s changing countless lives today, or subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly dose of inspiration from Walter himself.

Best Selling Books and Programs

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Think Execute Win

SWIM! Book


The Bond Group

From college reserve, to NBA starter.

From retired athlete, to Hall of Fame motivational speaker.

Walter Bond attributes his unusual success to mastering a singular set of principles –the same principles Bond Group has been dedicated to helping individuals and organizations master for over 19 years.

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