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Performance dictates success.

Method determines performance.

Genuine inspiration is substantive—something more than a buzzword for motivational speakers.

Genuine inspiration doesn’t evaporate the moment the speaker leaves the stage.

Genuine inspiration drives us to a new level of commitment, a daily focus on optimizing our habits of thought and action in pursuit of our professional vision.

Inspiration sprouts in the mind, but find its permanent roots in practical, proven, growth-oriented methodologies. These methodologies help us optimize our performance in every phase of our business in route to developing a winning formula for a highly competitive marketplace.

Companies across the nation have voted Walter Bond one of the Top Ten corporate speakers in the nation because he understands how to meld fundamental psychological principles of performance with concrete, proven business methods.

Walter Bond learned these principles the hard way. A high-school basketball star, Walter Bond nevertheless spent four years fighting for playing time at the University of Minnesota. Unsatisfied, he recommitted himself to optimizing every single aspect of his performance. And he willed and worked his way to a six-year career in the NBA. {Learn More}


Our Business Acceleration Methodology

Our approach to business is founded on the belief that performance is a dynamic variable. The right methods can take every phase of a business’s operations to an entirely new level.Businesses that win don’t always need the most brilliant technical minds in the world. But they’re committed to having the right intelligence to compete with informed determination. They’re committed to collaborating to function as a team. And they’re committed to investing in their people—to thoughtfully developing their human capital as they build a winning team.

Businesses that win don’t always have every competitive advantage. But they know how to adapt in a constantly changing marketplace to stay ahead of the curve. And they know how to align every aspect of their operations with their strategic vision.

Method matters. Method determines how we perform in every single aspect of our business—from strategic inception to financial planning to technical implementation to the delivery of the bottom line.

Walter Bond’s speaking engagements synthesize a powerful personal story, proven business methods, and an unforgettable delivery into an impactful business speaking event. Walter offers talks tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities of your company’s marketplace, built on powerful, practical principles that the audience will never forget.

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"The true testament to a speaker is the response from the audience -- our conference attendees
continue to rave about Walter. In our post-conference survey, Walter received a perfect "5" from
all 80 people responding to the survey."

- Fifth Third Bank

“You were fantastic at COUNTRY Financial’s Sales Congress. Your messages and delivery
are excellent. You are a pro at what you do and an inspiration to others."


“Walter Bond was one of the most engaging, energetic and motivational speakers we’ve ever welcomed
to our stage. Not only did he exceed the promises he made to excite and entertain but he delivered
real time best practicesthat motivated our 300+ audience of financial advisors to go out and
serve more families!”

-Ben Nevejans, President, LifePro Financial Services

Amazing speaker. Loved the message to connect with your clients
(methodology, habit and rituals)

- Cindy Lizarazo

One of the best motivational speakers! Thank you! Stop selling products and start
selling hopes and dreams.

- Eline Alexanyan

“Walter Bond is dynamic from his initial introduction to his closing comments! Even better, Walter
leaves your team (company, franchise or organization) energized and ready to start making necessary
changes to increase revenue and improve profitability.

- Steve Greenbaum, Founder PostNet

“Walter connects with an audience like no other speaker I have worked with. He's open, honest,
passionate and high energy from start to finish. I highly recommend him for your next event.”

- Steve Greenbaum, Founder PostNet

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