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The biggest group in any organization is called average. They are the people caught between what could have been, what could be, and today’s reality. They are cursed by average. They are your movable middle.

But what if your moveable middle were stellar superstars? What if even 10% decided to be 10% better? Your organization would find unprecedented levels of success. Walter knows it is not only possible, but with the right motivation, it is probable.

Like you, Walter Bond knows what it feels like to be a part of the pack. His South Side of Chicago roots provided little chance for a stellar future – and definitely not a future as an NBA Professional Basketball Player.

He was stuck somewhere in the middle until Walter discovered the proven strategies to become bigger, faster and stronger so he could break away from the pack. The secret to success existed in the habits and rituals that had been a part of his upbringing. His father told him, “Suck it up and get tough!” While Walter thought that was just tough love from a good father, he soon learned that his dad was talking about mental toughness. The type of mental toughness that eradicates excuses, embraces action and propels you to greatness – the type of greatness that allows you to perform at the highest levels of the game.

Walter Bond shares stories, lessons and the type of motivation that sparks the superstars, motivates the middle and excites your attendees. When Walter is on the platform, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to take the proven path away from the pack and into the Peak Performer’s spotlight.

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"The true testament to a speaker is the response from the audience -- our conference attendees
continue to rave about Walter. In our post-conference survey, Walter received a perfect "5" from
all 80 people responding to the survey."

- Fifth Third Bank

“You were fantastic at COUNTRY Financial’s Sales Congress. Your messages and delivery
are excellent. You are a pro at what you do and an inspiration to others."


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