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Barry Sons, VP Agent Development | American Family Insurance

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There is a fire, a passion, accountability, a spark; something that you want more of from your team. It’s keeping you from dynamic growth, and next-level success. What is it? Is your team lacking motivation, accountability, or leadership? Are you struggling to build high performing teams that share a unified vision?

If you’re looking for that spark to reignite the passion in your business and foster a more cohesive company culture, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of Walter’s four powerful keynotes:

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Shark Mindset 

Based on Walter’s most recent book SWIM!, this powerful keynote dives into the power of adopting a shark mindset and how it can drastically alter the trajectory of your business. SWIM follows four relatable main characters into a journey out in the deep blue. It introduces your team to The Scared Six, an intricate breakdown into how to develop a shark mindset. Sharks never stop swimming. They never go backward. They are flexible. Your team will learn these principles, and more, and walk into the keynote as suckerfish and walk out as SHARKS  hungry for success. Your team will learn practical steps to implement The Scared Six into their lives, and with a little humor, a little love, and a lot of passion, Walter will reignite the spark in your team and unlock their inner shark. 

All Buts Stink

If it’s important, you’ll find a way; if it’s not, you’ll find an excuse. If your team is drowning in excuses, your business is drowning. Perfect for all groups in all industries. This high-energy keynote focuses on reflection and self-analysis, and presents hard truths that may be keeping your audience from being their best. Walter’s keynote, based on his popular book All Buts Stink, dives into time management, accountability, fear and more. Get your team equipped with the tools they need to face it straight on. It will motivate your team to re-focus on their goals and start looking for all the ways they can make it work instead of listening to their excuses. Powerful, honest, and eye-opening, this motivational keynote will put your team back in control of their excuses.

Strategic Planning

The Off-Season

Walter’s book The Off Season, was inspired by his decade plus years of collegiate and professional basketball in the NBA and abroad. He learned the secrets to working on your work, intentionally making time to step away from your craft, and the power of self-reflection. Now, he tours the country teaching teams and businesses how to take care of themselves so they can take care of others. The Off-Season is perfect for strategic planning sessions and teaches teams how to eliminate time wasters and activate the Power of 2 in their personal and professional lives. Sometimes, speeding up the growth of your business starts with slowing down. Identify the key signs that mean your business needs a detox, and learn how to prioritize an off season to increase productivity. This one-of-a-kind keynote is a must for any team who needs a strategic boost before stepping into their next season of success. 


The Best Team Always Wins…

Building your iTEAM

What are your strategies for team building? What specifics do you employ to get your team moving in one direction in harmony and growth mindedness? Walter has discovered the secrets of building not just winning teams but championship ones. Do you have Innovators on your team? What about Initiators? And that one person that always seems to be stirring the pot? He’s an Instigator, and you need him on your team too! Walter explains the power of Work Expressions, steps to building powerful and focused teams, and ways to customize your communication style to lead each member of your team successfully. Prepare to carefully analyze your current team and learn ways to better understand, connect, and communicate with them. Walter breaks down the importance of teamwork in a brand new way. Perfect for improving work culture and focus, this keynote will change the way your team works together. 

“You were the hit of our annual conference! The responses from the members in attendance were outstanding…”

Jerry Maurer, Executive Director