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Walter Bond knows Peak Performers have no excuses for failure, only reasons for success. And he’s here to prove it to you and your audience.

“You were the hit of our annual conference! The responses from the members in attendance were outstanding…”

Jerry Maurer, Executive Director

Eliminate Excuses and Make Way for Incredible Change

As a former NBA athlete, Walter has spent the past 18 years impacting his audience as a Hall of Fame speaker: the highest designation one can receive!

A sure bet.

Walter Bond IS the ultimate power speaker

A thought leader wrapped in an athlete’s body, hiring Walter to headline your next event means you don’t have to choose between an athlete or a thought leader! 

His core message is simple: you must master the fundamentals of your industry in order to be the best. Place anything else above that premise, and the business foundation cracks.

Walter Bond is…


Dynamic on Stage

A Great Storyteller



Easy to Work With


Walter's 9 Core Principle Fundamentals Include:

  1. Mindset (of a Champion!)
  2. Power of 2
  3. Habits and Rituals
  4. Accountability
  5. Teamwork
  6. Commitment
  7. Impact Player
  8. Mentorship
  9. Continuous Improvement

25.2% of Clients Requesting Encore Events

Raving Testimonials from Executives

Positive Audience Reviews

Lives Impacted Through Speaking Events

Years Motivating

“Walter gets real, real fast… and leaves a lasting, motivational impression on his attendees that endures long after his talks end.”

Barry Sons, VP Agent Development | American Family Insurance

Get your team focused, fired up and ready to take charge.

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5 Reasons You Need Walter at Your Next Event:

  1. You’re ready to energize your audience and spur them into action.
  2. You’re looking for a boost in productivity, morale, and creativity.
  3. You’re ready to see your audience take action LONG AFTER the event.
  4. You want someone that your entire team will remember for years to come.
  5. You want a relatable, customized presentation that’s directed at your audience’s exact needs.


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Bring your audience to their feet, spark new conversations and watch your attendees unleash their greatest potential.

Keynote Talks

With powerful talks to choose from and the flexibility to customize everything for your audience, your catalyst for change has arrived.



No One Can Stop You But You

Walter examines the seven core fundamentals that highly successful people use to reach the top. Through his energetic, funny, and oh-so-relateable journey to the NBA and transition from sports to business, you will learn how to regain control over your mindset and set yourself on the course towards the Next Level of your success. It is your job to reach your potential. What are the sacrifices and must haves you must do to become a better version of yourself? No One Can Stop You but you is based on concepts such as mindset, habits and rituals, teamwork, accountability and more.

Perfect for: Sales Groups, Business Owners, Leadership Groups and more



All Buts Stink

Next Level success requires everyone to abandon the excuses and focus on the results. What do you need to do? Who do you need to become? Based on Walter’s best selling book, All Buts Stink is about stopping the excuses and strategizing the plan. Ownership, accountability, overcoming adversity, accepting change, time management and desire will determine how bad you want success. Stop making excuses and get it done. Walter’s teaching is about getting in attack mode. Get ready to stop making excuses and shift because…. all buts stink.

Perfect for: Sales Groups, Franchisees, Financial Advisors and more



The Best Team Always Wins...The 6 Traits of High Performing Teams

In sports and in business we all have to compete and work together as a team to win. There are bad teams, good teams and championship teams…everyone wants to win but sometimes just don’t know how. Winning teams are built one layer at a time. How do you take a group of individuals and make them work together for the greater good of the organization? Great teamwork is most about great team building. Trust, Communication, Chemistry, Commitment, Accountability and Common Goals are just a few of the topics that Walter teaches in order to make your team stand tall and WIN.

Perfect for: Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales Teams, Growing Companies



Visionary Leadership

Leadership can be broken down into 5 distinct qualities. In this keynote, Walter breaks down his interpretation of leadership traits to help any person up their leadership game. Impact begins with Vision, Executive Presence, Accountability, Employee Engagement, and Servanthood. From a history of studying great coaches came great knowledge… Walter teaches from his exposure to a variety of coaching styles in sports and business. Get your management team on the path to growth and next level leadership. Great leaders influence while mediocre leaders rule. Join Walter to discover your course of positive influence.

Perfect for: Managers, Executives, Leaders and more

All Walter Bond Presentations:

  • Seek to align with your corporate goals and strategies.
  • Are customized for your audience’s exact needs at this exact moment in time.
  • Are created after researching your teams culture, tendencies & personalities to ensure every single attendee feels directly engaged (and challenged!).
  • Will create a ripple-effect of contagious motivation for months to follow and include clear calls to action.